The maps in Botmassacre allow for all-new gameplay experiences, with unprecedented scale and choices in gameplay. Each map is designed with multiple distinct combat areas that directly impacts strategy for you and your friends. So far we’ve 4 unique levels and you can be certain that there is more to come..


Named after the fresh thirst-quenching drinks that do not contain any sugar. This map provides the setting for the aforementioned carnage which allows you to battle it out in a vast array of locations ranging from night clubs (with great music) to skate parks to shopping malls.. Perfect outdoor territory for snipers, great indoor areas for close-quarter gunfights.


Frantic bloodshed ensues around this desert military complex. Watch your back and sides around the vast open arena. Remember the front too, so you don’t fall in the mysterious pit.. The player with the most frags wins!


A little-known town in that suffered an undisclosed disaster just that has yet to be explained. Due to the nature of the Botmassacre Universe, funding was never secured to repair it. In the meantime, the Bots have free reign over the debris-strewn streets, abandoned church and tight alleyways…


Ever wanted to blast bots from a moving helicopter? I know I have. Now here’s your chance to do it too. A medium sized urban map with a great deal of variety.